Natassia Dream, Lorelei Lee Stalking the Stalker



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7 years ago

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18 USC 2257


Late at night, at home, in the streets, at the clubs…Mickey has been following Them. Watching the two graceful beauties kiss and fuck. He snaps images in the darkness, thinking he is the only one who knows he is watching.
When a cop busts him for winning images through their bedroom window, instead of being hauled away, Mickey gets hauled inside and made to pay for his peeping.
Natassia and Lorelei spare no part of his body as they ravage his dick and mouth, copulating his ass, making him speak into the flesh-microphone Natassia’s dick, lick Lorelei’s moist cunt. Bound and helpless, Mickey gives himself up until his own hard pecker is milked dry.


BDSM, Shemale Domination

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