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5 years ago

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What kind of beauty lets 5 or six big pricks fuck the shit out of her in front of a crowd of strangers? The most amazing kind, obviously. Everyone at the party gets their arms on Tia, she is strung up in a painful wrist suspension while people laugh and swallow around her. She gets copulated air-tight,with a penis in every hole. All I can think about when I watch this is, this is somebody’s daughter. God I’d love to shake the parents’ arms that made her into what she is today, which is awesome! Once the action starts hardly a second goes by where there’s not boner in her butt, slit, or mouth. She gets dicked down for 90 minutes and takes multiple huge loads of cum on her face while she is held powerless and exposed by wooden stocks. Tia Ling was given a natural born talent, and that talent comes in very handy here at Public Disgrace.

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